Michal Stehlik


Associate Professor

Department of Building Testing

Brno University of Technology

Czech Republic



Michal STEHLÍK. PhD, is educated in the field of physical and building material engineering. Nowadays, he works as a Senior Assistant at the Department of Building Testing, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology. 

Area of Interests

  • Testing and evaluationofthestateof stress and moduliof elasticity ofbrick and stone masonry by flat-jacktesting
  • WaterborneEpoxyDispersionsof New Generationforbuildingindustry
  • Evaluationofdurabilitycharacteristicsofcalcium – silicatecomposites (includingfibreconcretes) fromdetermined permeability characteristics
  • Study ofdeformationalcharacteristicsoffibreconcretesbefore and underload by the  non destructiveultrasound and resonsnttechnique
  • Recycling ofusedbuildingmaterialsfornewbuildingpurposes (includingglass and photovoltaicpanels)