Michal Stehlik

Associate Professor

Department of Building Testing

Brno University of Technology

Czech Republic




Michal STEHLÍK, PhD, is educated in the field of physical and building material engineering. Now a days, he works as a associate professor at the Department of Building Testing, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology. 

Area of Interests

  • Testing and evaluation of the state of stress and moduli of elasticity of brick and stone masonry by flat-jack testing
  • Water born eepoxy dispersions of new generation of building industry
  • Evaluation of durability characteristics of calcium – silicate composites (including fibre concretes) from determined permeability characteristics
  • Study of deformationa lcharacteristics of fibre concretes before and underload by the  non destructive ultrasound and resonant technique
  • Recycling of used building materials for newbuilding purposes (including glass and photo voltaicpanels)