Sherine Ahmed El Baradei


Civil and Infrastructure Engineering and Management program

The Nile University




Dr. El Baradei received her PhD in hydraulics and irrigation engineering from Cairo University in 2005. She is now an assistant professor at the civil and infrastructure engineering and management department at Nile University in Cairo. She has been working since receiving her PhD till year 2017 in the construction engineering department at AUC as assistant professor. She taught many courses in the general engineering area ;as well as in the specialized area of water, environmental and sanitary engineering, and this is on both levels; namely undergraduate and graduate levels. Her specialization is hydraulics, water quality and water quality modeling, environmental engineering, and sanitary engineering. She published a book, many research papers in her field of specialization in international refereed journals, and international refereed conferences where she won best conference paper prize and best session paper prize. She is the chair of the international ISEC-11 conference that will be held at Nile University in Cairo 2021. She served as internal examiner and moderator for many M.Sc and PhD thesis defense committee and singly supervised Masters thesis in environmental engineering. She worked as irrigation network designer, and waste water network designer in consultant offices in Cairo. Dr  El Baradei is currently a PI of a fund to design solar canals in Egypt. She is currently an evaluator of PhD and Masters proposals at the DAAD in Cairo . Dr. El Baradei is also a member of the Cluster of Scientific Innovation in the Middle East and North Africa (German Egyptian Water cluster). She is a member of WHO is SHE organization in Egypt and WHO is WHO organization of higher education in the world. Dr. El Baradei is in excellent command of German, English and Arabic.

Area of Interests

  • Hydraulics and Water Engineering:
  • surface water hydraulics and modeling,
  • hydraulic structures and water control structures,
  • water and irrigation pipelines and systems,
  • groundwater, water resources engineering and management
  • Environmental Engineering:
  • surface water quality modeling,
  • water and waste-water systems,
  • Unit operation design (water and wastewater treatment plants),
  • sewerage networks design
  • Numerical analysis and mathematical modeling of water systems