Yap Soon Poh

Senior Lecturer

Department of Civil Engineering

University of Malaya





Dr. Yap Soon Poh is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Civil Engineering in Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya. Dr. Yap possess a PhD degree in Civil and Structural Engineering from the Faculty of the Engineering, University of Malaya. He has teaching experiences in the civil engineering materials, structural designs, structural analysis, and engineering mechanics. His current research interests are on green concrete, sustainable construction, waste management including construction and agricultural wastes recycling, special concrete, and energy-efficient structural member development. Dr. Yap is the committee member of the Technical Committee on Earthquake, Technical Committee on Cement Materials and few technical committee of sustainable construction from CIDB. His current research projects are development of green pervious concrete, construction wastes management and micro-mechanics characterization of civil engineering materials. For the past few years, Dr. Yap was actively involved in the research projects which involve the prototype development of green concrete which consists of higher waste recycling rate in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the concrete production. Also, Dr. Yap was directly participating in developing high strength fibre-reinforced concrete using both synthetic and natural fibres, which can be potentially being used in multiple structural applications.

Area of Interests

  •  Green concrete,
  • Ssustainable construction,
  • Waste management including construction and agricultural wastes recycling, special concrete
  • Energy-efficient structural member development.